1802 SJ Holdings Inc.
1802 SJ Holdings Inc.
1802 SJ Holdings Inc.
1802 SJ Holdings Inc.
1802 SJ Holdings Inc.

1802 SJ Holdings Inc.

Who We Are

Founded in 2020, 1802 SJ is a private real estate holdings company. Our founder, Mr. Giovanni J. Olivares, has decades of experience in affordable mass housing. Under his leadership in Malate Construction Development Corporation (MCDC), over 18,000 homes have been built throughout the country in the span of three decades.

1802 SJ Holdings supports its subsidiaries and facilitates their growth by providing strength and stability. We challenge them to fortify the core business and maximize value.

We work on living up to our full potential through innovation, agility, and commitment to ultimately contribute to nation-building in our own unique way.

Who we are
Who we are
Who we are
The Olive Tree
The Olive Tree

The Olive Tree

An olive tree represents endurance, growth, prosperity, sustainability and wisdom. These characteristics inspire the nature of our holding company. Through proper governance, we assure the profitability and value creation of the business. The support and guidance that we offer ensure business endurance to weather the challenges and changes of the market. We draw inspiration from the olive tree, which has the ability to restore itself after a fire and emerge stronger than ever. We will transform the industry and increase value for our employees, subsidiaries, and the country. With our unwavering commitment and dedication, we are confident in our ability to achieve success and make a positive impact.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish ourselves as a valuable and notable driving force in the industry of mass housing in the Philippines. This vision empowers us to achieve a more diverse asset profile and impart more impactful contributions to the nation's economic growth.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to address the housing backlog in the country by providing affordable quality mass housing.

Our Subsidiaries


Ovialand is gaining its foothold in providing premier yet affordable real estate products in the country. Known for its exquisite houses in master-planned communities, Ovialand remains dedicated to its Premier Family Living pledge. It’s steadily making progress, one region at a time, toward its goal of becoming a nationwide real estate developer.


Ecoverde was created to address the growing housing need for the emerging middle class. Focusing on building a niche economic housing sector, Ecoverde is aimed at eliminating the misconception about socialized and economic housing by consistently creating high-quality housing units proving to every Filipino that they deserve to own a decent home with dignity.

What Sets Us Apart

We uphold our responsibility to our subsidiaries.

We want our subsidiaries to feel safe and protected. We maintain our commitment to our subsidiaries by ensuring their individual business needs and goals are met through continuous business development programs.

We are genuinely interested to make our subsidiaries grow.

We direct corporate strategy and operations. We are invested in our subsidiaries’ growth and contribution to their respective industries. We go above and beyond to support them.

We are driven to create positive impact.

We are driven by our goal to contribute significantly to the Philippines. We are a company with a purpose; to play a key role in the fulfillment of every Filipino’s dream to own a home.

We aim to be a long-lasting holdings company our subsidiaries and countrymen can rely on.

Our goals are set for decades. As we shift to a new generation of leadership at 1802 SJ, we want to do more and be more. We tirelessly work on establishing our inimitable identity as a company that supports and grows with the nation as it progresses.


Community Engagement Programs

We value involvement in the community. We want our communities, where we live and work, to have a better shared future. This enables us to make demonstrable, meaningful changes to both our company and the communities in which we operate. We are particularly interested in the youth, knowing that access to education is key to poverty alleviation. We support children through scholarships and school facilities improvement.

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